Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Picture of the Day #31 - Easter is coming

Well, I made it.  I successfully posted a picture every day for the month of March.  Sometimes I was a little late, but hopefully with the time difference, those of you in the States were none the wiser. :)

Easter is almost here, so with that in mind I would like to end the month with a picture of my children walking in the Garden near the Tomb, holding hands.

This Garden has been a place of much peace for us.  I have felt the Spirit many times here.  I like to think that the Garden saw my family grow in ways we wouldn't have if we hadn't come here - hopefully each time we visited, we were better people than we were the time before.  

I know Christ lived and died for us, and that He rose on the third day.  I know He loves us and wants us all to be happy.  I pray that may be the case this Easter season as we think of Him and all He has done for us.

P.S. I'm still going to try and post a lot during these last 3 months, but probably not every day.
P.P.S. Happy Birthday little bro.  Love you.  Miss you.  Thinking of you.  :)


Megan G said...

I guess I didn't read too carefully that you were only going to do the picture thing every day for just March. I don't want you to stop! It has been so cool to check every day! Thanks for sharing all of these things. Easter seems more meaningful to me these past few years because you guys are there. Isn't that weird? Love you guys!

Kelli Colleen said...

Just so you know...I faithfully read each and every blog, even though I didn't comment I loved reading all of them. They were a nice "end of the day" treat for me and gave me something to dream about at night. (cheesey, I know but it's still true!) love and miss you guys like CRAZY! :)

Elisabeth said...

Amy, I waited a few days to check your last few daily March updates knowing they would be the last. I have enjoyed them very much. You are such an awesome sister and a great example to us all.