Monday, August 25, 2008

More Heritage Park

Tom nicely reminded me today that I haven't posted any pictures of the kids for a while. So here are some pictures from our second trip to Heritage Park. Sorry. I know it's kind of boring to post two sets of pictures from the same place, but it's for Tom's sake. So deal. (I say that with kindness, of course).

I'll also include a couple of Ava's ballerina birthday party.

Joni riding a pony.

Is this the cutest thing or what? Jackson was exhausted and cranky. Malia (my niece) just held him and sang until he fell asleep. Miracle!

The kidlets (okay, and Kristin got in there somehow) all gathered on the grass at lunch time.

Daniel, Jackson, and Lily.

Ava opening her presents, with anxious little ballerinas watching on.

I'm mad at myself for not getting a picture of Joni once she was all ready for the party. But here's a picture that includes her so you can get the gist. She's the one kneeling on the far right.

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