Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pics for Tom

You will all have to be patient over the next couple of months. While Tom is off on his own, I'm going to try to post a lot of pictures and videos for him. So if you get super sick of way too many pictures of the same two rug-rats, come back in a couple of months when things get a little more exciting.

Jackson eating cake for the first time (I think - you never know, though) at a picnic. As you can tell, he was pretty excited about it. I don't know if you can tell, but he's covered in crumbs.

Joni running through the sprinkler. It's amazing the fun things you can do when you actually have a yard!

I just thought the colors on this picture were pretty - and of course Jackson is adorable :-)

Tom left a bag of surprises for Joni, so the day after he left, I had a treasure hunt waiting for her when she woke up. Here are her clues. She was just plain giddy with delight.

Here is a groggy Joni thanking daddy for her "treasure."

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