Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just missing Tom

The title pretty much says it. I'm just missing Tom, and feeling a little sorry for myself. I guess it's the ONE downside to having the most fabulous husband on the face of the planet - it's hard to deal when he, say, takes off to Jerusalem for two months without you.

For journaling sake, I'd like to summarize what days are like for both of us. First off, Tom. He starts his day first thing, with class starting at 8:30. With no car, he obviously walks to school so he gets a good head start. He was told on orientation day, that (and I quote), "We are NEVER late here in Israel." Ummm...okay. That's a pretty huge statement for someone who was called "Elder Slow-ards" as a missionary. Can you say chronically late? Yup, that was Tom.

He then sits through 4 to 5 hours of class, with his longest break being 30 minutes. And here's the kicker in my opinion - all those hours of class are in the same room! Whose idea was that?

He then has plenty of homework to complete before the day is done. He has a dinner of hummus and pita, protein shake, or a veggie concoction he fries up and slathers with hummus. Sometime after dinner he talks with me and the kids on Skype. He then loves to end his day with a trip to the University's gym.

Then there's me. The first things that comes to my mind are poopy diapers, a messy high-chair, and keeping a 3 year old entertained. I'm lucky to have the help of my parents. My mom is a great friend to Joni, and very often folds my laundry. My morning-person-dad gets up with Joni first thing and gets her going for the day. Thanks mom and dad :)

Once Jackson wakes me up, I usually go upstairs and get the kids dressed and fed, then the same for myself (on a good day, anyway). I try to get the leftovers of yesterday's mess cleaned up, and then love to get some kind of project done, which usually also includes cleaning, sorting, or de-junking some of our boxes. Around lunchtime I talk to Tom on Skype, then get the kids down for their naps.

This is getting boring, fast, so I'll sum up the rest of the day. I usually try to spend some one-on-one time with Joni, cook dinner, and watch some Olympics. I'm usually very spent by the end of the day, and very relieved when the kids go down for bed.

I hate going to bed by myself, and have had a hard time falling asleep lately. But I AM happy with what we're doing as a family - starting an adventure, and following the Lord. I look forward to Jerusaelm at the beginning of October, and until then I'll just enjoy being home with my family.

Okay, and maybe miss Tom in the process.


Slater's said...

Hi Amy. Do you remember me? It's Bonnie Ellis. I'm pretty sure we went to school together. :) How are you? I can't believe you're going to be living in Jerusalem! That's just crazy! What is your husband going to school for?

Bethany said...

Being at home all day without having your husband come home to break up the monotony can be so hard! (((hugs))

Amy S. said...

Of course I remember you!
Tom will be getting his master's at Hebrew U for "Bible and It's World". He wants to be a professor, and hopes to teach Ancient Near Eastern Studies. It's good to hear from you! I looked over your blog and your boys are adorable!