Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tom is safe and sound

I've just gotta say, thank goodness for Skype! I'd be going crazy right now if I didn't have that thing. (It's an internet program thingy where you can use webcams and talk, live, and see each other while you do it.)

Tom finally got to Jerusalem, safe and sound. Two out of the three legs of his flight were pretty awful - very cramped, and sitting next to "big" people. In 4 days, he slept about 4 hours. When he got to Tel Aviv, he was delirious. He tried several different times, in different places, and in different planes, to get some sleep, but he just couldn't. I felt so bad for him. Oh wait, maybe I should be feeling bad for myself. I have to do the same thing soon, but WITH 2 KIDS!


(taking deep

Anyway, I just got off Skype with him, and it looks like he has a nice little dorm room. He has his own room, and his view is amazing. Hebrew U is up on the highest mountain in Jerusalem, so it's awesome to see the city down below. His roomates seem to be nice. There are 4 Americans, and 2 Israelis.

I guess yesterday (his yesterday) was their time to go to a big shopping center and stock up on all sorts of stuff. Most people were buying sheets, pillows, dishes, food, etc., etc. You know, the basics. But not Tom.

He bought a ten pound bag of protein powder.

He said the lady at the store acted shocked anyone would actually buy it. But of course Tom would way rather spend money on that (it was mighty pricey) than basic comforts. See, he's so quirky. That's why I like him :-)


Jared and Tara said...

Thanks for the update amy! i was worried! so he doesn't have to share his room or he does? sorry...very easily confused. :) if you get a mailing address for him could you email it to me? thanks!

Amy S. said...

He has his own bedroom, but his dorm has six bedrooms to a unit - so six guys share a kitchen and living area.

I tried to get his address today, but he didn't know it yet. I'll try to get it from him tomorrow.

Cyndy said...

So,'re saying that Tom is sleeping on a bare mattress, with no pillow, and no covers, eating protien powder out of the bag with his hands? Yeah, OK, I'm cool with that.......
Does he have an email address so his mother can fuss at him?


Megan said...

Glad to hear he got there! I kept thinking about him and wondering how things went... seriously chuckled about the protein powder thing... silly Tom. THANKS for adding the Jerusalem clock, Amy so I don't have to do math! That's really cool! Where did you get the clock and the countdown, by the way?