Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Avocados and ice cream anybody?

No, not together! They are Jackson's two latest foods, and he loved both of them! (For the record, Tom was the one who was naughty and gave him the last little stub of his ice cream cone - I would never do such a thing *wink*)

Here is Jackson just starting out with his avocado. It was pretty slippery so it kept popping out of his hands, but he didn't give up.

He kept waving his hands up and down, smacking the tray in between bites. He worked and worked at it until it was completely obliterated.

I got a side-shot, trying to get a good picture of his tongue but it didn't work. I never knew he had such a long tongue until he was trying to lick ice cream!

I had to include this picture because he was so excited about the ice cream that his feet were straight up in the air, and both his arms and legs were shaking (that's how we know he's truly excited).


Stacey said...

Ahh he is so cute!! I like avocados and ice cream too. He's got good taste! We are just about to start our baby on solids and I can't wait until we are past the rice cereal phase and onto more interesting things.

Bethany said...

Adorable! I love giving them fun foods like that! Try Mangos too!

Jared and Tara said...

how do you get him to eat?? i've tried EVERYTHING with eva and she only likes 2 things: bread and sweet potatoes and the sweet potatoes make her upchuck. oh, and jared says we have to come visit you again. jackson is a good influence on eva! we got home and she decided she didn't like me rocking her to sleep, she just wanted to be put down and she sleeps for SEVERAL hours! we love jackson!