Saturday, May 24, 2008

Family Reunion at Heber Valley Camp

A bunch of us from my mom's side of the family got together this weekend and went "camping" at the Heber Valley Campground that the LDS church owns. I use the term camping lightly because we had nice little cabins to stay in. Tom kept saying, "Now THIS is my idea of camping." We mostly sat around and talked, ate, and talked some more. But it did include a trip down to the lake to do some canoeing and paddle-boating.

Here's Jojo at the lake. It looks quite chilly, but it wasn't bad. We all had a lot of fun!

Camy and the two Peters on a canoe.

Mom and I didn't dare try a canoe since we had little Joni (we thought for sure we'd tip ourselves over and ruin Joni for life or something). Besides, we had a hard enough time figuring out the paddle-boats. We went in a lot of circles (and laughed a lot) before we got comfortable with it. Jojo was pretty ornery (she 0nly slept about half her normal time the night before) until we let her steer the boat. Then she was all smiles.

Jackson with his cousin Adam. These two have been buddies since day one, and they had fun playing together at the cabin.

And here is a cute little clip of Joni playing with some of her cousins, and second cousins, at the cabin. They kept climbing up on an empty top bunk and playing with a bunch of little princesses that Joni brought. They had a ball and it was so cute. They did this for many hours:

There were too many pictures to put them all on here, so the rest are in my Picasa web album for May, if you want to take a look.

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Lori said...

Heber Valley is so much fun. Both sides of our family are going up there this year also. We love it. What fun pictures!