Thursday, May 8, 2008

Joni the beautician

In an effort to get rid of the last little bit of Jackson's cradle cap, I put olive oil in his hair last night. Then this morning while talking to my mom on the phone, I looked over at the kids and Joni was brushing Jackson's hair with a play hand broom. He really seemed to be enjoying it, so I let it be.

It actually turned out pretty darn cute in the end, if I do say so! I've never seen such a cute mohawk!

Also, just as a little side-note, I wanted to document something cute (and I'll be honest, a little annoying at times) thing that Joni ALWAYS says lately. EVERY SINGLE TIME I get off the phone with someone, Joni and I have the exact same conversation, and it goes something like this,

Joni: "Who was that?"
Me: "Grandma" (for example)
Joni: "What she says?"
Me: "Oh, she wanted to know if we're coming to visit this weekend."
Then Joni says in an extremely annoyed voice, "But mom! What is ALL she says?!?"... meaning she knows we talked a lot longer than the time it takes for grandma to say that one thing... she wants to know it ALL!

I just have to laugh because I do the exact same thing with Tom. Whenever he gets done with a long phone conversation with someone, I always ask what that person said. When he tries to give me a quick, one sentence answer, I have to probe further to get all the juicy details! :-) Like mother, like daughter, I guess.


Jared and Tara said...

holy cuteness! jo jo looks all serious-like in that picture, like she's checking to make sure it's JUST how she wants it. :)

Megan said...

Holy cow that boy looks so much like Tom! I love it! Shaun David's got the cradle cap going on too... we put olive oil in it last Saturday night before his bath and then washed it out... or so we thought... when we got to church we were noticing how greasy it looked!