Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My first two tags!

I've been tagged by both Sarah and Megan, so I figured I had better get going on them.

#1: A Questionnaire

Two Names You Go By: Mamma and Babe

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now: Oh geez... I'm wearing my pajama pants and a t-shirt... but for the record, I've been trying not to stay in pj's when I'm home all day... you just caught me on a sick-kid day

Two Of Your Favorite Things To Do: Surf the net and declutter my house

Two Things You Want To Do Very Badly At This Moment: Take a nap and uhh...... take a nap. "I'm on no sleep Kramer! No sleep!"

Two Favorite Pets: I don't have any right now, and I don't know that I've ever had one that I thoroughly enjoyed. If I had to answer, I'd say my pet birds that I had when I was little - their names were Nicky and Dicky. I loved when they got out of their cage and flew like mad all over the house.

Two People Who Will Fill This Out: Oh, I don't know...

Two Things You Did Last Night: Stayed up all night cleaning up baby puke, and cleaned out my fridge. Good times.

Two Things You Ate Today: String cheese and peanut-butter toast.

Two Last People You Talked To: Joni and Tom.

Two Longest Car Rides:
When I was a kid, my parents took all 7 of us kids out to Missouri, and then Chicago... yeah, that was long. Other than that, I've driven to Washington about a million times, and pretty much every other western state.

Two Favorite Holidays: 4th of July and Easter

Two Favorite Vacations: I've always loved Yellowstone/Jackson Hole. Nauvoo.

Two Favorite Drinks: Diet Pepsi and water.

Ok, now I tag Tara and Julie!!! Get to it, girls!


What is your story? How did you meet your spouse? Dating stories? Proposal? All the good stuff!

Alrighty, here it goes. Tom and I met while serving missions in Independence, MO. I know, I know.... we're one of THOSE :) But before you judge further, hear me out.

First I have to give a little background before we met. At the very beginning of my mission, my companion and I got permission to go to a neighboring city on p-day to go shopping. On our way back, we were the first people on the scene of a horrible accident where a semi truck tipped over (from the wind) onto a small car with a woman (Carol) and her daughter inside. We helped get them out of the car, stayed with Carol for FOREVER while waiting for an ambulance to come, and went to the hospital to wait with her until her husband could come. She was hurt very badly so we just tried to wait and pray with her during that first hour or two of trauma.

Tom was serving in the area where Carol lived and ended up teaching her the discussions. Tom and I had never met before, but Carol kept saying good things about me, and Tom had decided I must be pretty cool. Supposedly Tom and I met a few months later on transfer day and talked about what happened with Carol. I don't remember this meeting at all.... but I guess I, uh, left an impression on him ;)

Many months later, near the very end of our missions, we served in the same district and Tom was my district leader. I thought he was a big, anal jerk. He was basically a perfect missionary and expected perfection out of everyone else. He also didn't like that I was a friendly person because it made him nervous, so in order to keep a good, perfect, anal-retentive distance, he was mean to me. Hence the reason I found him to be a jerk.

We were only in the same area for six weeks. Two transfers later, we both went home the same day on the same plane. Our mission pres told him in his exit interview that he should keep in touch with me, so he did. He started calling me a short time after we got home. A couple months later he moved to Utah to go to BYU, and we officially started dating. Six months later we were engaged.

We would probably have some really cool engagement story, but I kind of ruined that whole thing. The night he got back from Christmas break, he had the ring and couldn't wait to give it to me. He had plans to take me to Salt Lake, but I kept insisting that we stay at my parents for the evening because my nephew had planned something really cute (Cafe Ethan) and I didn't want to miss it. Tom was totally bugged and I wasn't sure why. Several hours later he took me downstairs into my bedroom and just asked me right there.

We were married about five weeks later. My sister, Kristin, was married the day after us, and we had a double reception. It was awesome.

I have plenty of good dating stories, but I'll spare all of you and save them for another day. Here are some pictures.....

This is while we were dating. I think we're at my sister's house.

Here is one of our engagement pictures. Is it just me or does Tom look like he's 15?

Our wedding day. Anyone who was there that day will tell you, it was sooooo cold!

And now I'm going to tag Geana, in order to further the peer pressure to start a blog. WAHAHAHAHA!

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Megan said...

Awww... I'm so glad you guys got married! Sigh... I was there when you guys first held hands (to my knowledge anyways!)