Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Those were the days!

Everyone please forgive me while I take a trip down memory lane. I'm not feeling well today and taking full advantage of Tom's strict instructions to "take it easy". So I busted out my old photo albums and couldn't help but chuckle at the old pictures of me and my friends from back home. With the possibility of moving overseas becoming more real, it makes me wish I would have made more effort to take trips back home to see my beloved girlfriends, many of which I have known since I was a little girl. My friends were always such an enormous part of my life... whether we were making weekend trips to Salt Lake or just partying all night at a friend's house, we were always planning out what we were going to do next and how we were going to make it as fun as possible. There may be better pictures I could share, but these were the ones that really made me smile/laugh as I flipped through the album pages.

A few of my closest amigas: Me, Geana, Amy, Lori, and Amy (there were three of us Amys that did pretty much everything together - yup, a little confusing). If my memory serves me correctly (which it may not), both this one and the one below are at a going-away party that a good friend held for me and "Moyes" before we went away to Dixie. SO fun!

A few of mi amigos: Lyle, Gary, Tim, Ryan, Carson, and Steve.

This picture brings back a lot of fun memories. It is a bunch of us at Erin's house the day of (or after?) high school graduation. We stayed up all night long celebrating.... I have some choppy memories of a weird card game where everyone was making weird noises... or was it singing weird songs??? I can't quite remember. I do know we were all extremely sleep deprived and that everything was a little funnier than usual. I'm near the bottom left-hand corner with my mouth wide open.... not sure why... again, I'm sure it has something to do with sleep deprivation.


Lori said...

Those are great pictures! I totally remember that party when you guys were leaving. Good times! It makes me want to go walk down memory lane with my albums too! It isn't as fun if you can't share it with someone though! (Do we look young or what? What happened?)

Chad and Kristine said...

Okay Baldee it is you!! I have seen you post a few things on Babycenter then I saw the link to your blog. How the heck are ya? You have such a beautiful family. It sounds like all is well. my blog is houseofwright.blogspot.com

We will have to keep in touch

Kristine Carter-Wright