Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to me!

Yesterday was the BEST Mother's Day, thanks to Tom. He kept the house clean all day, did any and all cooking, changed all the diapers, cleaned all the dishes, and basically attended to each and every need that I and the kids had. But I have to be honest, probably the best part of the whole day was watching him trying to fill the part of "mother", and feeling all the exhaustion, frustration, and constant-work that goes along with it... not because I like to see him work until exhaustion, but it sure felt good to see him understand just how much work it takes to be home with the kids all day and keep a clean house. If you would have been in my house yesterday, here are some of the things you would have heard him say:

"Man, I have vacuumed like a million times today, and the floor is STILL messy."

"Oh, I guess I forgot that part of the lasagna directions."

"Honey! I can't get the suran wrap to work! Can you come and do it?"

"How do you turn on the oven?.... No, now it says 57! I need it to say one hour!.... I did that - it won't work!.... No, I pushed this, and then that.... Which rack do I put it on? What does it mean by middle rack?"

"I put the oil in the pan. What do I do next?"

After Joni said, yet again, that she was thirsty: "How many times is that today Joni?!? Like 100? Here, you can drink out of my water bottle.... No! Don't backwash! And no! Don't stick your tongue in it! Eww!"

"None of it even went in the diaper! It all went straight out the back!"

And my personal favorite: "I can't even take a freakin' leak around here!!!"

Like I said, Happy Mother's Day to me! :-)


Anonymous said...

can't wait till father's day!

Lori said...

that is hilarious! I love the quotes!! It is nice for them to understand how hard it is to get anything done with kids. Good thing it comes around once a year. Happy Mother's Day to you!