Thursday, May 29, 2008

It'll grow back...right?

I will let Joni say it first..... (push play)

So here's how it went - Tom and I were both just chilling in the living room and it was time for Joni to go down for a nap.

Tom: "Hey Joni! It's time for your nap. Where are you?"

Joni in the bathroom: "I'm cutting my hair!" *snip, snip*

I jumped out of my chair, went running into the bathroom, and saw this on the counter:

I had Joni walk out into the living room to show Tom, and little chunks of hair start falling as she walks. She was freaked out by the ball of hair that we gathered, so Tom is holding it in the picture:

As you can see, the damage isn't too bad. She kind of has some wispy bangs now, and there is a little chunk taken out of the left side.

Anyway...then about five minutes later, we go to pick up Jackson and this is what we find:

Somehow the back of his head found a stray chunk of banana on his blanket.

Oh, what a day ;)


Walker Fam said...

What a cute little girl. I think that is just one thing that all kids do. They are so curious. Good luck in Jersulam. I can't believe you are going to live there for 2 years. What a great experience. Good luck!!!!!!

Megan said...

Oh, Jo Jo! That video was cracking me up Amy.

Before I looked too closely at Jackson's picture, I thought JoJo had cut his hair too! Phew! Just banana gunk thank goodness! :)

Stacey said...

I thank the heavens that my children haven't attempted this yet. Just watch, now that I've said that they'll probably do it this afternoon.