Monday, March 15, 2010

Picture of the Day #15 - Outside

My mom informed me that I wasn't showing enough pictures of my neighborhood and the average things I see day to day.  So here is what we look at each day as we come out the door of our building, which is actually in the back of our complex.

This cute little Arab home has somehow managed to stay alive, completely wedged in between a bunch of dormitory housing for the university.  Take notice of the fence in front of it, how it looks like it's supposed to keep them in their property because of the angle at the top.  But there are a couple openings, one on each end of their property, where they come and go as they please.  I would love to talk to the person who made the decision to spend money on that fence.  Was it just to appease Israelis living in the dorms and give them a weird sense of security?  That's my guess, but who knows.

There are dormitory buildings all around the other side of the house, too.  They are literally surrounded.  I wish I could speak Arabic because I would love to talk to the people who live there.

On a side note, seeing their clothes hanging off to the left made me think of something.  I don't think I've ever mentioned that it's unusual to have clothes dryers here.  Most people who have washing machines hang all their clothes out to dry.  Which for some reason also makes me think of the weird way they mop their floors.  I'll save that one for another day.  It will baffle your brain, trust me.


Mary said...

Clothes line were "the norm" in Australia as well. But I am totally curious about how they mop their floors now!!b

Rebecca said...

HI! Checking out your blog from BBC :)

I'm super curious how they mop floors now!

Megan G said...

We didn't have dryers in China either. I have fond memories of hanging up my underwear to dry in our bathroom. So let's hear about the mopping of floors!