Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Picture of the Day #3 - Sleeping

I love this picture.  This man was sleeping outside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, with crowds of people all around him.  He is beyond adorable.

Reminds me of my adorable dad.  He can sleep anywhere, too.

A little side note I just have to share.  Remember my post on grocery shopping here?  Well, today while I was at the grocery store looking for a checkout line to get in, I stumbled upon a line that had a woman putting all her things on the belt, and then behind her cart (get this!), there was a HUGE pile of food lying on the floor.  Yes, folks.  This person had no cart, so he was just coming back to the line every so often to put his things on the floor to save his place!

I immediately started fishing for my camera but then the guilty party returned.  It was a soldier with a big gun, and I chickened out.  I sheepishly got in the line next to him, hoping he wouldn't telepathically know that I was about to take a picture of his food and make fun of it on my blog.

He stood there in line for a few minutes, and then just as it was his turn, he turned and left the line again!  By that point I already had a lady behind me, who quite frankly, was being rude and trying to cut in front of me.  I couldn't let her have the satisfaction of having my place.  But it would have made a hilarious picture.  

In my humble opinion.


Devon said...

What a sweet picture!!

Megan G said...

I wish I could be like that sometimes! (And this is my random thought: wouldn't it have scared the pee out of you if he jumped up right when you went to take the picture? :)

Nurse Heidi said...

I LOVE this picture!!