Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Picture of the Day #17 - Tension

For those of you who follow Middle East news know that there has been some added tension the last several days.  A lot of rioting has taken place in nearby neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, and also in and around the Old City.  Hamas is calling it a "day of rage".  


Something that often happens when something is going on is we hear a lot of helicopters.  This morning was no exception.  I was starting to think Israel had 500 helicopters flying around today.  But when I went to pick up Joni from school, I realized it was mostly the same one or two flying around in circles, most likely monitoring the rioting activity.  I snapped a picture of one while it was making its fifth circle in less than ten minutes.  Round and round she goes.  

For hours.

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Megan G said...

Man that's crazy.