Monday, March 29, 2010

Picture of the Day #29 - Salads

We rarely go out to eat here, but we really enjoy it when we do.  One thing that is different about restaurants here are the "salads".  Very often the main dish will come with two or three side salads.  In the States, a side salad usually means a bowl of lettuce with a few veggies on top, and tossed with a dressing of choice.

Here if you order something with three salads, it means they're going to bring out a basket of fresh pita along with an assortment of things to eat with it.  In my experience, some of the common salads would be hummus, some kind of vegetable doused in vinegar, and the third one is a wild card.  It could be tahina, something spicy, or dips that look similar to a runny salsa.

The other day we ordered Jackson a "yellow cheese sandwich" that came with fries and three salads.  At this particular restaurant, the salads came on the same plate as the main dish instead of separately before hand.

His cheese sandwich came on a very crusty bun completely covered in sesame seeds, which is fairly common here.  They really like them some sesame seeds (Middle Easterners, not Jackson - he wasn't a fan).

He's using the hummus as his "dip-a-dip" (which is what he usually calls ketchup or fry sauce).  The other two salads are purple cabbage swimming in vinegar, along with some onions swimming in an extremely spicy red sauce.  Jackson was brave enough to try all three, but hummus was the only one he stuck with.  The cabbage was too hard to eat, and when he took a big bite of the red stuff he started shaking and yelling, "Is spicy!  Is spicy!"

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