Thursday, March 25, 2010

Picture of the Day #26 - Green stuff

No, I'm not talking about money.  There's none of that around here. :)

In Arab markets here it is very common to see Muslim women sitting on the ground on the side of the walkway with bags all laid out in front of them with fresh "green stuff" to sell - fresh herbs, leafy greens, and right now they're selling fresh green beans and peas.

Today I captured a couple of examples while we were out and about....

It's often so cheap that we feel guilty about how little we pay.  The first time we bought a big bunch of cilantro for a shekel we almost went back and gave her more because we felt like we were stealing.


Shane and Geana said...

Wierd Question. What is a shekel equivalent to in dollars/cents?

Megan G said...

Yeah I'd like to know what a shekel is too! Also, what are those big huge leaves in front of the lady in the first pic?