Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Picture of the Day #30 - The field

As I mentioned several days ago, we went to the place where David slew Goliath.

It makes me sad that there are a lot of religious people who don't believe that this event actually took place.  I believe that it did.  It gives me courage to know that God can give us strength that we wouldn't otherwise have on our own.  When we're armed with faith in God, we can slay any Goliath in our lives.

This is most likely where it took place.  The brook where he gathered the five stones is to the right of this picture.  The Philistines would have been gathered to the far left, and the Israelites to the far right.  So David and Goliath would have met in the middle, so, right about here.


Diamond said...

I have also thought of this story as an example that even the biggest and strongest have their weakness. The biblical equivalent of Achilles' heel.

The Peters Family said...

That is so cool you got a picture of this. Your kids are so lucky...they will be future seminary teachers for sure.
I've loved looking at your pictures over the month!

Megan G said...

Even though I'm just looking at a picture, it seems more real to me now. What great memories you will have of these places!