Sunday, March 7, 2010

Picture of the Day #8 - Quick trip with the girls

Today some friends and I took a little trip out to Bethlehem to meet one of our friends that lives there to have lunch together.  It consisted of five Americans, one Palestinian, one German, eating at a Chinese restaurant.... in Palestine.  It was awesome.  *sigh*  My life is going to be so boring when we're done here.  I will also miss my Israel friends so much.  They are my sisters here.  I have a couple pictures of us all at the restaurant, but in one of them a head is cut in half, and in the other one someone is blinking.  So I'm going to be the good friend that I am and post this picture of Jackson and I across the street from the restaurant, standing in front of the Separation Wall so everyone can enjoy the pretty backdrop.

P.S.  When I write these posts I do them the night before, so when I say I went there "today" it really means I went there the day before.  I feel like I'm being dishonest and/or confusing if I don't clarify that. :)


Devon said...

I'm glad you have a good group of 'sisters' there. Maybe this is a stupid question, but are you allowed to pass freely through the Wall? I guess I got the impression it wasn't easy to get through...hmm. I should go research that.

Devon said...

OK, I read through the post again, and now I feel stupid. LOLOL

Ok, so you were in Bethlehem. Never mind.

Amy S. said...

No you were right. You do have to go through the wall to go to Bethlehem. It's very difficult or often impossible for Palestinians to go back and forth, but generally if you're an American without any huge Palestinian tie, they'll let you go as you please, but you never know how long the checkpoint is going to take. It actually took a very long time to get from the Bethlehem side to the Jerusalem side this time. We were stuck at the checkpoint for so long that my friend's husband had to go pick up Joni from school because we were waaaay later than we anticipated.

Shane and Geana said...

You look so good!! It is such a rare occasion to see a picture of you on your blog, it is nice.